About the Project

This project is a two-part exploration of the introduction technology into educational settings—and, more particularly, of the introduction of a one-to-one student-to-device program in a middle school French classroom. The first part of the study explores existing theories, frameworks, and research regarding the implementation of educational technology. The second part discusses how these frameworks connect, compare, and contrast to practice in the early stages of a one-to-one program based on a small observational case study. Additionally, this project website offers some suggestions of resources and references (both research and practical tools) for educators wishing to further consider the potential of using digital technology in world language (and other) classrooms. This project will also be connected to a blog kept by the author during student teaching and addressing further observations about technology in the language classroom as observed during that experience.

For the sake of coherence, it is suggested that readers of this project move through the webpages in order, from left to right and top to bottom. However, hyperlinks have been provided between pages as well as to external resources throughout the site in order to aid in the site’s overall readability.

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